JWSC2021 – Vuokatti

Vuokatti will host the Junior and U23 Cross-Country World Ski Championships 8th – 14th February.

Competition programme

Monday 8.2.

10.00-13.00 Official training U20 Sprint C
18.00 TCM U20 Sprint C
19.00 Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 9.2.

10.00 Qualifications U20 Sprint C, 1,1km (W) & 1,4km (M)
12.00 Finals U20 Sprint C
14.10 Victory Ceremonies at the stadium
15.00-17.00 Official Training U23 Sprint C
18.00 TCM U23 Sprint C

Wednesday 10.2.

Races Postponed due to the cold weather
10.00 Qualifications U23 Sprint C, 1,1 km (W) & 1,4 km (M) (postponed)
12.00 Finals U23 Sprint C (postponed)
14.10 Victory Ceremonies at the stadium
15.00-17.00 Official Training U20 5 km/10 km F

18.00 TCM U20 Individual F

Thursday 11.2.

12.00 Qualification U23 Sprint C, 1,1 km (W) & 1,4 km (M)
14.00 Finals U23 Sprint C
16.10 Victory Ceremonies at the stadium
17.00 – 19.00 Official Training Skate Distance Races (U20/U23)

Friday 12.2.

10.00 U20 Women 5 km F
11.20 U20 Men 10km F
13.15 U23 Women 10 km F
14.30 U23 Men 15 km F
16.00 Victory Ceremonies at the stadium

Saturday 13.2.

09.30 U20 Women relay U20 4 x 3,3 km
11.00 U20 Men relay U20 4 x 5 km (2 x 2,5 km)
13.00 Mixed relay U23 4 x 5km (2 x 2,25 km)
14.20 Victory Ceremony U20 and U23 at the stadium
15.30-17.00 Official Training U20 mass start 15 km/30 km C
18.00 TCM U20 Mass Starts C

Sunday 14.2.

10.40 U20 Women 15 km C Mass Start
12.00 Victory Ceremony women at the stadium
12.40 U20 Men 30 km C Mass Start
14.30 Victory Ceremony men at the stadium

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Daily Team infos / TCMs

Sun 7.2. Team Info Meeting slides

Tue 9.2. TCM U23 sprints
Sprint Schedule U23 (updated)
Sprint U23 Course openings

Wed 10.2. TCM

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9.2. U20 Sprint Women
9.2. U20 Sprint Men

11.2. U23 Women Sprint Classic
11.2. U23 Men Sprint Classic

12.2. U20 Women 5km
12.2. U20 Men 10km
12.2. U23 Women 10km
12.2. U23 Men 15km

13.2. U20 Women Relay 4 x 3,3 km
13.2. U20 Men Relay 4 x 5 km
13.2. U23 Mixed Relay 4 x 5 km

14.2. U20 Women 15 km Mass Start
14.2. U20 Men 30 km Mass Start

General Info

Team Info (updated 8.2.21)
Restaurant Instructions (including the meal schedule)

Covid-19 Testing Info
Covid-19 Team Info

Team Info Whatsapp – Join here

Sprint Schedule


Area Map

1,1 km course and profile
1,4 km course and profile
2,5 km course and profile
3,3 km course and profile
3,75 km course and profile

Stadium Sprint
Stadium Interval Starts
Stadium Mass Starts
Stadium Relays


You can follow the competitions from Elisa Viihde (in Finland):

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Secretary General
Ann-Mary Ähtävä
+358 44 3075759

Accommodation and transportation
Sanna Lindeman
Minna Lukkari
+358 86191500

Media & Communications
Topi Kuorelahti
+358 444148883

Covid coordinator
Jyri Pelkonen


Suomen Hiihtoliitto
Ismo Hämäläinen

Event Partners

Watch a video from our partner WellO2 and Krista Pärmäkoski!

Olympic Training Center of Vuokatti

Last time when Vuokatti was hosting the JWSC the year was 1992. During this 29 year period since the last JWSC event in Vuokatti we have become an internationally recognized Olympic Training Center where everyone from professional to junior athlete can enjoy our top level training facilities.

So what is Olympic Training Center of Vuokatti in 2021? Watch the following video!