Norway and Sweden U20 relay champions, Norway wins U23 mixed relay

© Tomi Mäkipää

Saturday was all about team spirit at FIS Nordic Junior and U23 Cross Country World Ski Championships as there were three relays in programme. In U20, Norway won men’s 4x5km and Sweden women’s 4×3,3km. Norway took the gold in U23 mixed relay.

Norway’s U20 relay champions were Edvard Sandvik, Jonas Vika, Martin Kirkeberg Moerk and Lars Agnar Hjelmeset. Finland took the silver and Italy took the bronze.

”The plan was to get a gap in the final climb so Martin could have few seconds. I managed to do that. The Martin did a good job”, Vika said.

”My team mates gave me really many seconds so I just thought I have to go out full speed and keep the seconds they gave me. We did it and we are so happy”, Hjelmeset said.

Sweden’s gold medallists were Maerta Rosenberg, Lisa Eriksson, Lisa Ingesson and Moa Hansson. It was a tight fight as Russia finished only 0,3 seconds behind. Norway took the bronze.

”It was fun to race. I felt strong and I could push all the way”, said Rosenberg.

”This girls made amazing race so I was really happy to go out there in a lead. I was nervous in the end when the Russian girl came closer but I am happy we took the gold medal”, Hansson said.

In U23 mixed relay, Norwegian champions were Synne Arveseld, Jon Rolf Skaro Hope, Haavard Moseby and Hedda Oestberg Amundsen. Russia was second and Sweden third.

”Jon gave me a very good starting position. I started very hard. I was a little bit tired on the second lap”, Moseby said.

”It was fun to cross the finish line first”, said Amundsen.