Lahti – Change in competition programme

© Jyrki Hämäläinen

There’s a slight change in the competition programme in Lahti. Today’s (Wednesday 10th February) HS100 Women has been moved to Thursday.

Uptated competition programme

Wednesday 10.2.
13.00 NC HS100 Women
16.00 NC 5km Women

Thursday 11.2.
09.00 SJ HS100 Women Training round
Followed by competition rounds
13:00 NC, HS100 Men
16.00 NC, 10km Men
18.00 SJ, HS100 Men

Friday 12.2.
10.30 NC, Mixed Team HS100
13.00 NC, Mixed Team 15km (5+2,5+2,5+5)
18.00 SJ, Team HS100 (Women & Men)

Full programme