Norway dominates the Women’s Nordic Combined competition in JWSC2021 at Lahti

© Pepe Korteniemi

The scene was set for Gyda Westvold Hansen, who was leading Annika Sieff and her fellow Norwegian Mille Moen Flatla by over 40 seconds. Westvold Hansen said in an interview after the ski jumping part, that if she just skis fast, she thinks she’ll be okay, and that was the case in the competition. Right from the start, the Norwegian didn’t have to worry about the others. Westvold Hansen really showed her strength today, by finishing 1:05 minutes ahead of her team-mate, Marte Leinan Lund, who started fourth. Lisa Hirner from Austria finished third after starting at seventh place.

“It’s been one of my goals this season, so it’s very nice” Westvold Hansen said after the race.

“The track was harder than I remembered.”

Norway’s Leinan Lund was satisfied with her performance today.

“It was average I guess” she said.

“It was very hard and very cold today, but I managed to keep the others behind.”

Lisa Hirner wasn’t happy after her performance in the Ski Jumping part, but was left with joy after finishing third in the skiing part.

“I wasn’t too happy after jumping, as my jump was a little bit too short”, she laughed.

“I had very fast skis that helped me a lot and on the second lap I managed to put some distance between myself and the others.”

Annika Sieff and Mille Moen Flatla weren’t having the best performance out on track, with the pair starting second and third, and finally Sieff finishing ninth, and Flatla right behind her at 10th place.

Russia’s Mariia Kuzmina was one of the best skiers out on the track, with her starting from 17th place, and finishing an amazing seventh. Maria Gerboth from Germany was also having a blast, by finishing 11th after gaining 7th places in the competition.


Written by
Miika Venäläinen