Cross-Country events of JWSC21 are ready to kick-off tomorrow in Vuokatti – Jessie Diggins and Protect Our Winters Finland are sending an important message

Jessie Diggins and the event sponsor, non profit organization Protect Our Winters Finland, have an important message to send to all of the competitors: “Best of luck this week! Kick some ass!”

The recent FIS Tour De Ski winner and the overall leader of FIS Cross-Country World Cup, Jessie Diggins from the US Ski Team, is one of the most know Protect Our Winters Ambassadors worldwide. As a professional cross-country skier she knows the importance of speaking about the climate change and the effects it can have also within the sport of cross-country skiing.

“Cross-Country skiing is a sport that depends on winter and snow. In order to have competitions like JWSC also in the future, climate change is a thing to take seriously especially within the sport of cross-country skiing. We need snow, we have to have it and I hope that the next generations after us get this opportunity as well.” Diggins says.

“I think it is really important that as athletes we use our voices and speak up for the things we care about because we can really make a change. When we all speak up together and say that something is really important to us, like climate change, we can make a huge difference”, Diggins highlights.

Watch the full video from Jessie Diggins here on JWSC21 Instagram!

Protect Our Winters Finland is one of the main sponsors of JWSC 2021 in Vuokatti. POW Finland will be part of the event and the important message about the climate change will be delivered throughout the competition week. POW Finland ambassador, ex professional cross-country skier Martti Jylhä, will be at the race venue during the competitions and POW logo can also be seen e.g., in the race bibs used during the competitions. 

JWSC 21 Vuokatti Race Secretary Ann-Mary Ähtävä is excited about the partnership with POW Finland, and the fact that the bright stars of the Cross-County World like Jessie Diggins are willing to do their part for the future of winters.

“Top athletes are idols for many people and the reach they can get through their success is amazing. This is why the things that they say and things that they do matter a lot. At the moment Vuokatti has beautiful winter conditions to organize the JWSC 2021. We want to keep it this way also in the future, which is why climate change is a thing to take seriously”, she says.

More information:

Topi Kuorelahti
Media & Communication @jwsc2021 / Vuokatti
+358 44 414 8883

Noora Vihervaara
Executive Director POW Finland
+358 40 525 5323