Changes in the Cross-country competition schedule – Vuokatti (updated)

Due to the cold weather, competition Jury decided to postpone U23 Classic Sprints that were scheduled for Wednesday. In the new schedule U23 sprints will happen on Thursday.

Updated 10.2. 11:35.
The new schedule for Thursday 11th of FEB is:
12:00 U23 Sprint C Qualification
14:00 U23 Sprint C Finals

The change in the schedule means that the U20 distance races will be moved for another day.

TCM will be today 14:00 and they will discuss about the schedule for the rest of the week. We will update this article later.

Updated 10.2. 14:55.
In the TCM Meeting a following schedule was made for the rest of the competitions.

Weather and temperature forecasts are constantly being reviewed and possible schedule adaptions will be announced upon consultation of the LOC, Teams, FIS and all involved stakeholders.

Thu 11.2.
12.00 Qualification U23 Sprint C, 1,1 km (W) & 1,4 km (M)
14.00 Finals U23 Sprint C
16.10 Victory Ceremonies at the stadium
17.00 – 19.00 Official Training Skate Distance Races (U20/U23)

Fri 12.2.
10.00 U20 Women 5 km F
11.20 U20 Men 10km F
13.00 U23 Women 10 km F
14.20 U23 Men 15 km F
* Times for Price giving ceremony and Official Training for Saturday to be determined.

Sat 13.2.
09.30 U20 Women relay U20 4 x 3,3 km
11.00 U20 Men relay U20 4 x 5 km (2 x 2,5 km)
13.00 Mixed relay U23 4 x 5km (2 x 2,25 km)
14.20 Victory Ceremony U20 and U23 at the stadium
15.30-17.00 Official Training U20 mass start 15 km/30 km C
18.00 TCM U20 Mass Starts C

Sun 14.2.
10.40 U20 Women 15 km C Mass Start
12.00 Victory Ceremony women at the stadium
12.40 U20 Men 30 km C Mass Start
14.30 Victory Ceremony men at the stadium